Services and Products

Our policy is to contribute to the local Japanese-American communities through Japanese Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines and mortuaries as well as their members by assisting as much as possible in procuring and restoring their Altars and Peripherals with nominal costs and guaranteed lifetime maintenance.


"Buddhist merchandise and  Ohaka sales Renovation Management Consultant"
Restoration & Renovation Services


Japanese Buddhist and Shinto Altars and Peripherals of all sects, including restoration sending back to Japan and on-site restoration treatments

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Before                                                               After


Before                                                               After

Granite & Stone


Monuments, statues, markers, Japanese style ohaka gravestones, columbarium niches and renovation of columbarium, stone and monument cleaning and restoration

Stone Markers


Wide variety of personalized custom designed markers and stone products cleaning and restoration

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Japanese Style Ohaka


Customized Japanese Haka gravestones manufacturing, installation, cleaning and restoration

Japanese Religious Products


We import a wide variety of Buddhist and Shinto-related products, such as Statues, Butsudan(small Buddhist chapel at home), nenju beads, accessories, omamori, tenugui bon dance towels, happi coats, chochin lanterns. uchiwa fans, incense, charcoal, ash, candles direct from Japan.

Ocean Scattering


We can support you with ocean scattering by private boat charter at Kaneohe Bay “TENGOKU no UMI”. 

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