About us

JMC renewed management on February 2018 with a new structure. Our policy is to contribute to the local Japanese-American communities through Japanese Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, including their members by assisting as much as possible in assisting in cultural events as well as procuring and restoring their Altars and Peripherals with nominal costs.




Japan Memorial Corporation was founded almost 15 years ago and has been operating to assist Japanese temples and mortuaries in Hawaii and the Mainland restoring temple Altars and working with temple reverends and members needs for Japanese related items as well as helping with many of their public events and fundraisers throughout the years. Recently we have further branched out into the mortuary business providing all of the stone markers, granite Japanese style ohaka gravestones and columbarium niches for one of the largest mortuaries in Hawaii.  

Office & Display


Our newly relocated office is located at 810 Richards Street Suite 320 in Downtown Honolulu where we can set up a personalized display by appointment if you are interested in seeing any of our merchandise shown on our website or discuss anything else you are interested in. We can set up and display at our office to show you and explain about it personally. Validated parking is available.

We can also bring any of our items outside our offices and display it to you directly if that is more convenient for you. Please let us know your preference and we will gladly accommodate you. 

Exquisitely detailed custom hand painted in vibrant colors new Nehanzu scroll delivered to Waipahu Taiyoji Soto Zen Temple on January 2020.



We are committed to helping perpetuate and assist in any way possible the heritage and legacy left by the many ancestors of Japanese American community in Hawaii and the mainland by restoring their treasured temples Altars and assisting in their many events and fundraisers and spreading out info to the community abroad.



President Shinya Sakurai /櫻井新也 was born and raised in Chiba Japan and currently lives in Hawaii assigned International Business V.P. for Matsumaru Shoji Trading Company parent company of Hakuzensha one of the largest mortuary companies in Japan.


Executive manager Scott Muraki was born and raised in Hawaii and lived in Japan for over 10 years. He has been working for Japan Memorial for the past 5 years assisting in temple restoration projects, sales and event preparations at temples in Hawaii and the mainland.  


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