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About us

​Japan Memorial Corporation (JMC) has been operating to assist Japanese temples and mortuaries in Hawaii and the Mainland in restoring temple Altars and working with temple reverends and members’ needs for Japanese-related items as well as helping with many of their public events and fundraisers throughout the years.

  • 2018   Renewed management with a new structure. 

  • 2022  New direct cooperation with Kyoto Yuishinan

Introducing strengthened bonds with traditional Japanese craftsmen in new direct cooperation with Kyoto Yuishinan, a renowned traditional Japanese craftsmen conglomerate from Kyoto, who will extend our reach in quality temple-related services, items, and restoration of altars for all the temples in Hawaii and across the Mainland as well.


Our policy is to contribute to the local Japanese-American communities through Japanese Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, including their members, by assisting as much as possible in cultural events and procuring and restoring their Altars and Peripherals with nominal costs.

We provide high-quality original Japanese products for those who wish to memorialize and bless their ancestors. Recently, we have extended our availability of a wide range of traditional and modern Buddhist memorial items. We will work closely with you to exclusively customize your memorial to your family's legacy. 


Exquisitely detailed custom hand painted in vibrant colors new Nehanzu scroll delivered to Waipahu Taiyoji Soto Zen Temple on January 2020.

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